Gifu Industrial Economic Promotion Center

Gifu Industrial Economic Promotion Center (GPC) is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Gifu Prefecture for the purpose of expanding their business opportunities and solving problems they may be confronted with.


The center aims to contribute to the sound development of Gifu’s industrial economy. This should be done by supporting the business launch and management of SMEs in Gifu as well as creating new industries and promoting regional development. It is a nonprofit organization financially supported by the Gifu Prefectural Government.


Date of foundation: April 1, 1970
Number of employees: 82
(including 4 board members)
Room 1906, Shanghai International Trade Center
2201 Yan An West Road, Shanghai, China

Industry Promotion Department

Consultation services

Our management and technical professionals provide detailed consultation services, on the basis of the needs of SMEs, with the aim of solving problems that companies may encounter.

Seminars and lectures

We invite well-known experts, and conduct seminars and lectures on new business development, market expansion, new product creation, and other subjects that SME employers and employees are interested in.

Training for starting business

We offer training to help people who plan to establish a company, start up a business or advance into a new market to prepare a business plan and draw up a management strategy.

Kaizen training

Kaizen refers to a business philosophy, in which workers decide how to improve their working practices, especially in manufacturing activities. We offer workshops and practical training sessions on basic knowledge about kaizen.
Kaizen training

Management Assistance Department

Overseas development support program

We support the overseas development of Gifu-based SMEs in various industries, ranging from manufacturers of automobile components and machine parts to companies engaged in traditional local industries such as food, cutlery, and ceramics.

1. Holding seminars on overseas expansion
2. Providing specialist consultation services on an individual basis
3. Offering support for the participation in exhibitions and trade fairs
4. Arranging on-site inspection tours to foreign countries
5. Holding business meetings with foreign companies
6. Dispatching experts for overseas visits and exhibitions
7. Providing support for the application of foreign patents and trademark registration
overseas expansion
business meetings

New business partner acquisition support program

We provide new partner acquisition support for Gifu-based manufacturers of automobile components, machine parts, and the like.

1. Introducing clients on an individual basis
2. Holding business meetings
3. Conducting workshops with the aim of improving technical capabilities of SMEs
4. Arranging opportunities for SMEs to make technological proposals to leading manufacturers and to hold individual business meetings
Business meetings
Conducting workshops


Financial assistance is provided to Gifu SMEs. More specifically, we subsidize part of the expenses to develop new products, create new services, and developing markets.


Equipment renting (installment sale and lease)

We buy equipment that SMEs wish to utilize. The articles purchased are sold on installment basis or leased to the companies.

Personnel acquisition and employment support

We help young people to get a job, which enables Gifu-based SMEs to secure human resources.

>Personnel acquisition and employment support

Research on business conditions and local industries

We compile reports regarding the current status and future prospects of the business trend, and distribute them to relevant organizations. In addition, we collect and organize information on local industries in Gifu.

General Affairs Department

SME Salon (library)

Books, magazines, DVDs, and VHS videos on SME management, technology, and training are stored here. They are available for in-library use and checking out.

…Number of books and magazines on management and technology: about 6,900 units

…Number of DVDs and VHS videos on management know-how and personnel training: about 3,600 units

SME Salon (library)